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    Hello there everyone. I'm Petit Fours. I just discovered this lovely forum a little while ago. It's :)so nice to be part of such a professional community of competent cooks.I have already posted a question , but thought I might be nice to visit the welcome forum.
    I love cooking, ballet, and art. My favorite foods are snow crab ( so delicious), steak, medium rare (from the outback, of course), homemade macaroni and cheese, pizza, fruit, chips ;) , petit fours, and nature's own whole wheat bread.
    I love roses and hallmark movies. I also liked collecting american girl dolls when I was younger.
    I wanted to learn a little bit more about everyone on this forum. These were a few of the questions I was wondering about: you prefer lobster or crab? If crab, snow, king, or other?
    2. If have a pet, what is its favorite food?
    3. What is your favorite sort of cake?
    4. How do you like your steak cooked.
    5. What are your favorite YouTube cooking channels? (Mine are yoyomax 12 and Laura in the Kitchen.)
    6. What are your favorite cooking shows? (Mine are America's test kitchen, chopped, good eats with Alton Brown, cupcake wars, and sweet genius.
    7. What is your favorite restaurant?
    8. What is your favorite food?
    Thank you all very much for checking out my post. Good night.
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    Hello Petit Fours and welcome!

    I'm a home cook too and want you to know you'll learn a lot by participating and reading here. Both the professionals and the other home cooks are very good about answering cooking questions and helping you find answers, too. 

    As you look at the discussion forums you'll notice some of them are professional discussion forums. Everyone can read in those forums, but only the people who work in the food and restaurant industry should post there. The rest of us post only in the general forums. Happily, the pros also read and post in the general forums, so they respond to our questions there too.

    Besides the discussion forums we have cooking articles, cookbook and equipment reviews and photo galleries. There is a lot here! Since we've been around 15 years, some of it goes back a long way. If you happen to find a discussion thread from way back and want to talk about that topic, it's best to start a new thread on the subject. Some of the people may have moved on, and some of the information may have changed, too.

    Thank you for introducing yourself. I hope you enjoy being part of the community. If you have any questions about the site, please don't hesitate to ask. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif


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    Welcome to ChefTalk. Your questions might be a bit better if you posted them one at a time and started a meaningful discussion about the topic.