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hi guys, so glad i found you. what an awesome resource this website is. i look forward to reading/debating with everyone here, i hope that we can all learn from each other (i think i will do most of the learning though)  :) i would also like to know if anyone has some sourdough advise?  im looking to make "sanfransico" style sourdough i live just a few hours north of sanfransico.  My problem is that i havent been able to keep a sourdough starter alive for more than three days. i feed it %100 daily, dont know if it just gets too hot here in redding or what..
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Hello and welcome to Cheftalk!

We have members from around the globe (I'm Scots) - and all levels of culinary expertise...  from those just starting out, through enthusiastic amateurs (like me) to masterchefs.

If you care to pose your question again in the baking forum - I'm sure you'll get LOTS of information!

Try to find the time to read some of the great articles or view the amazing photographs on the site.  Feel free to join in on any thread you find interesting, or start your own.
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Hey glad to find this site. I havent had a computer for a number of years. I look forward to learning and sharing with people with the same love and passion that I have.
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