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Hi, folks,

I posted a few replies on other threads before I saw this one - oops! Great site! I'm a self-taught caterer/sous chef/soon to be kitchen manager at a new restaurant; also the mom of a 25 year old son paralyzed with a spinal cord injury for three years. So I'm just getting back into the food business after a 3 year hiatus getting him through rehab and back at home, and finally getting competent aides.

Son and hubbie are both vegetarians, so have learned lots of ways to prepare veggie 'comfort food' meals for them using commercial meat substitute products. What a challenge! I'm not a vegetarian - love my steak once in a while!

My favorite foods are Southern cooking - lived in S.C. for 15 years; Japanese dishes; and just about anything else!

Again, great site!
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Welcome to Cheftalk, Marmalady.

You probably noticed already, there are lots of ideas for vegetarian dishes here.

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great to have you with us Marmalady :bounce:
you'll enjoy the

Have you considerd the Cantonese/buddhist vegetarian recipes
I'll get them onto a website before the Lunar new year, nest Jan'/feb'
Use of Tofu, veggies, noodles and bean sauces.

:talk: :crazy: it's :cool:


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Welcome Marmalady,

Hope you feel comfortable here at ChefTalk. If you have any questions please don't hesistate to ask a moderator or myself.
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