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Joined Jan 4, 2010
Hi All, my name is Felicia and i'm from NJ. I'm excited and frankly a little intimidated to be here. Not a professional, I like food and enjoy cooking, but not very good at it yet. I found this site by accident, I desperately need help remodeling a kitchen, and was somehow directed to your forums. I enjoyed them so much, I decided to join with the hopes that I can learn and improve on my cooking skills.
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Hello and welcome to the site!

Don't be intimidated, we have all levels of expertise here - from those just starting out to masterchefs - oh and a good few of us are (like me) enthusiastic amateurs. Our membership is global - I'm Scots, for instance - and we have people from Australia and New Zealand and parts of Europe, too - so you'll get lots of interesting conversation!

Feel free to join in on any thread you find interesting, or start your own. The professional area is reserved for those who are working in the culinary industry - and is 'read-only' for us non-professionals - and it gives people like us an insight into the trials and tribulations (and successes!) of those who cook/serve/make our food!
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