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    Hi everyone,

    Let me start out by saying that this site is incredible! I'm extremely excited to join up and share some of what I do and learn from some of you guys.

    No, I'm not a chef, I'm actually a nuclear engineer . My wife and I are in plans to open a small catering business in the near future though and have taken a few classes here and there for that. We both love food, wine, and just about everything else and have been in the kitchen with a passion for years. I'd say in the last 2 years our creativity, style and skill have taken a huge upswing around the time we started catering small events for some largely informal gatherings. We loved it. However, business aside, if we fail at it, we're still going to be in the kitchen because we love creating in the kitchen. 

    I am writing a book and have plans to start a blog/vlog with some of my original recipes and thoughts on food. If anything these things are for my own enjoyment and if anyone else can get something out of them, I'm happy. I'm full blooded Italian and I know that influences the way I cook, but my style is fairly eclectic. For instance, I love hitting a good bar and doing cheap beer and buffalo wings, but I also love "higher" cuisine, so last year I started to blend the two. Now, Marsala, Phad Thai and Chix Parm wings are a regular request by guests of mine. Fairly simple marinades followed by a fry or long bake, and a great sauce. The Phad Thai peanut/garlic sauce I'm particularly proud of. I also french the drummettes (I save the wings for myself) which in my mind puts it over the top. This was my first attempt before I refined it a bit. The out of place spaghetti was my attempt to wrap them in noodles but I only had whole wheat and it wasn't elastic enough. I havent' tried again since that but I might go back to it with either rice or durum pasta.

    Some deeper background if anyone is interested: I started cooking when I was a small kid. Every Friday night was pizza night. I'd make the dough with my mother then we'd slap it together. I took things a step further when I wanted to learn why, how to do things differently. I was in highschool when I started making Eggplant rollatines and it never stopped. I actually went to a military college and ate in a messhall for 4 years. I used to carry basil and garlic powder in my hard cover so I could march down in formation with it. 

    Anyway, again, I'm so happy to have found this site and be able to join in. I know I'll definitely get something from you guys, hopefully you can get something from me too. 
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    Cook At Home
    Hello and welcome to Cheftalk.

    We love new, enthusiastic memebers, so you'll fit in here really well...   Our membership is wide, from around the globe as well as all levels of culinary ability and backgrounds.  Like you, I fall into the enthusiastic amateur camp, and I've attended cookery courses around Europe and all over the UK (I know we're ALL Europe now, but even so...!) 

    The wikis, blogs, reviews and articles on the site are well worth spending time to view.  The photographs are a rich source of inspiration, too.

    Feel free to join in on any thread you find interesting, or start your own in the relevant forum.  The Professional fora are read-only for those of us not employed in a culinary capacity (but make interesting reading!)

    Hope to see you around the site.