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Hey first time posting, I'm new to the ranks. Been cooking for 3 years at one restaurant. Looking to get advice on a choice of knife. looking for a good quality French style blade and or a Santoku at around 200$ Canadian. Global is currently my leading choice but I don' like how light they are on the hand.

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benuser is right about needing to know more about what your needs are.

I would add:

You list a budget in Canadian dollars. Can we assume you are in Canada?

Should your $200 (Canadian) budget include any taxes?

Do you want to only buy from a Canadian source, or are you willing to order from Japan or from some other non-Canadian source?

Are you willing to use (and care for) a carbon steel blade, or do you want to stick with stainless steel?

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If you're buying this for work then don't buy something you can't turn your back on. Get something that can be maintained easily. That said you didn't mention a preference for carbon, or SS. If SS then the Tojiro DP is hard to beat at its price point. Once you open them up they are nice blades.
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