Another fresser signs on.

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Welcome, 32RueduVertbois. We're glad you found us. Please tell us a bit more about yourself and what keeps you busy. Make yourself at home browsing and posting. We'll look forward to your participation.

Is that Greenwood street??

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Thanks for the welcome, Mezzaluna. Let's see, I work too hard, so I don't get to cook as much as I'd like to, but I do most of the cooking at home (we order in a lot), and all of the cooking for company.

As I recently indicated in one of my first posts on this site, I like carbon steel knives. I like to cook Italian, French, and Indian food. Favorite cookbook authors are Madhur Jaffrey and Julia Child, and I also like Marcella Hazan and Giuliano Bugialli, and I love the Rao's Cookbook. I like MFK Fisher and Elizabeth David. I think that James Beard is over-rated.

In general, I prefer the traditional and the classic to the innovative. I have such ambitions as making choucroute garni, including the choucroute, from scratch, according to Andre Soltner's recipe in the Lutece Cookbook. My favorite recipe instruction of all time: "The sauerkraut will be ready 3 weeks after the marinating begins."

That's probably way more than you wanted to hear.
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Saurkraut ferments n stinks out your kitchen but tastes mighty fine,.Choucrote ...mmmmmmmmm
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Actually it doesn´t (Okay, mines sits in the cellar anyway, but...).

How do you prepare it? Don´t you use one of these clay pots with a clay lid?


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