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    an article about the Food Network's "Unwrapped" calendar with daily food trivia. Here are 20 sample trivia questions. I only got 5 right. I thought it was pretty tough.

    1. In what decade did the first ice-cream man begin delivering frozen treats to kids?
    2. What color are maraschino cherries after picking?
    3. Who was the inventor of carbonated water in 1967, who also first isolated oxygen?
    4. What does "mai tai" mean?
    5. What percentage of the United States population drinks coffee every day?
    6. Why weren't Hershey's Kisses made between 1942 and 1949?
    7. What is a Choco Taco?
    8. Where did Colonel Sanders first serve his food?
    9. How many states grow potatoes?
    10. What is America's favorite Campbell's soup?
    11. Why is wine sold in tinted bottles?
    12. In the peanut industry, what's the process of removing the skin called?
    13. What soft drink was originally called "Brad's Drink"?
    14. What ground bean is tofu made from?
    15. What company in 1977 opened the first Chuck E. Cheese's restaurant?
    16. What part that is standard today wasn't included in the original Mr. Potato Head toy?
    17. In what city can you find a 55-foot statue of the Jolly Green Giant?
    18. How did pound cake get its name?
    19. On average, how many peas are in a pod?
    20. What is the top-selling canned fruit?


    1. 1920s
    2. Whitish-green
    3. Joseph Priestly
    4. "The best" in Tahitian
    5. 70 percent
    6. There was a shortage of aluminum foil due to World War II
    7. An ice cream treat consisting of vanilla ice cream in a folded cone, topped with chocolate and peanuts
    8. His gas station in Carbon, Ky.
    9. 50
    10. Chicken noodle
    11. It will spoil if exposed to light
    12. Blanching
    13. Pepsi-Cola
    14. Soybean
    15. Atari
    16. The potato. The parts were intended to be stuck in real vegetables
    17. Blue Earth, Minn.
    18. The recipe uses a pound of butter
    19. Eight
    20. Peaches
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    Yikes! That was hard. I only got 5 of them too: 10, 11, 14, 18, & 20.
    But the question for number 3 should probably specify 1767 rather than 1967. :D
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    9.....saucemagazine has a good one too....I got 8 out of 10 on #55. I think out of 55 quizes I've only gotten 4-5 of them questions usually do me in.....