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OK, it's time to debate, do you prefer to cook eggs in a pan or on the flat top ?. I like the flat top

Secondly, how do you personally like your eggs cooked ?. I like them poached soft.

Your turn !!.
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If i had a flat top, that's how i would prepare them. For now, i have to stick with a pan. :(

As for how prepared, poached medium, fried OE, Soft boiled...but not scrambled.

And I am horribly spoiled by having my own chickens and getting the freshest eggs possible.
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I'm the same, mermaid- if I had the flat top, I would use it, but for now, stuck with the pan! *sigh*

I like my eggs sunny side up, with the yolk nice and runny. :) My stepmom and younger siblings call them "dippy eggs" becaue they're good to dip your toast into. Yum!:lips:
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When I first started cooking, "eggs pans" were an area of mystique, almost sheer terror for any cook. The process of seasoning pans, then knowing how to properly use them was an exercise for the proficient. Misuse of an "egg pan" was unconscienable! Now for say, $20.00, you can get a great nonstick pan and make eggs and omelets perfectly every time. Grill eggs are OK, but grill omelets- the flat ones that are folded or rolled up don't do it for me. I like to cook my eggs in clarified butter. Also, I don't like any brown on my eggs. It makes them tough. And I like my eggs at room temp before cooking, they seem to cook better.


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In a pan, with duck fat, over easy, at low enough heat so I don't get any burnt stuff. Definitely not on a flatop. I hate flatop omelets, they turn out tough.

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I love eggs. If I eat out at a diner, I usually ask for them overeasy with a very thin lacey brown edge (like a milano cookie). If someone I know is cooking them for me and I can eat it right away, I might ask them to make it scrambled soft. At a diner, then always sit too a little too long so the egg finishes cooking on the plate by the time I get it. When I eat Japanese udon, I always ask for the egg to be poached. At home, when I want to be comforted, I like Chinese steamed water eggs. It's a savory, bordering on bland and has the consistency of custard. The secret is to use water that has been boiled and cooled so you don't get any bubbles. I don't really like to eat hardboiled eggs, but if I do, they have to have not one trace of that green ring around the yolk. I like quail eggs soft boiled. In general, I prefer to cook eggs myself. My mother is the only other person who knows how to cook them the way I like them eggsactly :D .
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Eggs scrambled soft a knob of butter toward the end....mine a super fresh, cage free.
fried oe in bacon fat
soft boiled
omelet on a flat top with hash browns, sausage and cheddar
or in a pan with sauteed apples (with cinnamon) sausage and cheddar
So funny this past Sat I had six chefs at the Winter Pantry and the egg farmer brought in Aracona blue green eggs....<green eggs and ham> I did a soft scramble in a cake pan....the egg guy sold out of $2.50 a dz eggs on a big snow day.
I eat eggs probably 4 mornings a week....yummmmmmmm
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1) Scrambled soft and mixed with Ricotta cheese and chopped ciboulette (sorry for the French, don't want to give myself airs but don't know the English word...):)

2) Poached very soft with few drops of Balsamic vinegar :) :)

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I use a very hot omlet pan to cook my over-easy eggs. I use my fork to flick a few drops of habanero sauce over the tops. Heaven on a lazy Sunday morning.
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I like most eggs. But love eggs cooked over medium in bacon fat - in a fairly hot pan, so they get a nice crispy brown lacing.

It ain't pretty - but I don't care.....
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nancya, we cook our bacon with crushed red pepper- just sprinkle a little on the top- yummy! The eggs go in the leftover grease, which has crushed red pepper in it also- whatever didn't stick to the bacon.

Ohhhh, yummy!!
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A not quite hard boiled egg. I eat them like a snack, dipped in some sel gris. It's got a nice savoury crunch! This was often my main source of energy when I was travelling on a budget. I'd boil them the night before, refrigerate overnight and put several in my bag pack for the long treks. (Sigh) Getting nostalgic..:rolleyes:

If I'm going out for brunch however, then it's poached on a toasted muffin with smoked salmon, hollandaise, topped with caviar. Now that's an egg! (or two)
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I have to agree with peachcreek here. If I worked in a kitchen that served eggs it has to be in a seasoned pan. Don't take this the wrong way, but griddle eggs are diner eggs. For me...over easy, cooked in butter, kosher salt and fresh milled pepper. Lots of rye toast to sop up that yummy runny yolk
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Over easy eggs with some chunky ranchero salsa, or soft scrambled in butter with some cream cheese or heavy cream and chives. Or I once tried this at a restaurant here in Texas...Two Cheese Enchiladas with mild chili sauce and two over easy eggs on top, it was a great breakfast that day!
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This wonderful lady is my Grandma, Edie the Egglady. She got the title Egglady because all she will eat is eggs! You can cook up eggs anyway for Grandma, and she will love them! She enjoys spending her days and sleeping in her big play pen we got her. Grandma always has ways of making the family laugh! Also her gas due to all her egg eating can work better then one of Mom's chops at getting unwanted guests away! When I think of Eggs, I think of my loving Grandma!


Oh Mr. Egg Man please don't ever quit your job. I don't know what I would ever do without my eggs.

Some of you will get this and those that don't.....there's really no explaining it!
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mmmmm basted in the left over grease in the pan the bacon was fried in. I don't think there is an egg I don't like. When we lived in Germany the "egg lady" used to come and sell flats(2.5 doz) of fresh eggs out of the trunk of her Mercedes...ahhhhh.
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