Another convection oven question...yeah.

Joined Mar 23, 2010
I did some reading and realized quite a few people ask questions about these ovens.  I didn't quite get the info I needed.  So, concerning my 1/2 sheet Blodgett (non-steam)...

-does it make any sense to put try to block airflow?  stop over-browning.
I've tried this with placing a sheet pan on the top rack.  Don't know if this really works.

-will an inexpensive internal thermometer work ok?  Where to place inside?  (oven floor, hang from bottom or top rack, etc.)

fyi, mine is a three phase knocked down to single phase to accomodate my electric supply and has a 500 degree limit.

hope you're having a great sunday; I'm taking over cooking duties at my shop tomm (say a prayer if you do such things)

so I'm on location prepping and dreaming.
Joined Mar 23, 2010
well the next day...

I was baking some pillsbury scones and biscuits with the baking stone on the fourth rack and 12 minutes into it, I notice theyre burning.  Boy did I think that I'd learned something- don't leave that pizza stone in.  Um. No.  I forgot to turn the thermostat back down after baking bread sunday.  ugh.


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