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Hi there,

My recipe is one that my grandmother clipped from a magazine like half a century ago. I remember her cheesecakes from when I was little. They were fluffy and tall and not dense at all. But, when I use her recipe, I just can't get it correct, because it is DENSE and it falls before I even get it out of the oven.

I've read a bunch of the cheesecake troubles that folks ask about on here. I keep reading over and over "don't overbeat your eggs" because it adds air into the batter.

Her recipe calls for the eggs to be separated. You wisk up the yolks and add them one at a time after into the batter. At the very end, like one does with a cake, you fold in the egg whites. (I haven't seen anybody talk about egg whites in cheesecake on this forum).

I admit that I beat the bejeezus out of the egg yolks while adding to the batter. I'm used to baking cakes where you whip as much air into it as you can. So that probably contributed to my problem of the pie falling.

But what about the egg whites? I've seen no recipes that people post in these particular threads that use egg whites. What's going on here? How did she do it, because I KNOW she didn't use a water bath.

Thanks in advance for any brainstorming. I will try the hot water bath next to see if that helps, but figured I might as well ask about the egg whites while I'm around.
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The water bath helps with cracking but as for the whipped whites IDK.
Never made one.
As for the egg yolks just beat them in until combined.
Might help if you shared the recipe including the instructions.



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Your recipe deviates from more common versions in how it handles egg whites. Cheesecake is really a custard and so whipping of the whites separately, then folding them in is rather different than how you make custard in most cases.

Cheesecake is marked by its density and whipping the egg whites works against that. I'd be interested in seeing your whole recipe and technique and giving it more analysis then.

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