Annoying Rogers Pop Up Window

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Please help.. how on earth to I stop the annoying Rogers pop up window that seems to appear every time I access the site for the firs time?????

Thanks in advance!!


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You should set  the popup control in your browser or download an add on to do so.

As I recall you're on a Mac which I've not used in quite some time so I don't know the options available to you.

Firefox will control popups pretty well and I think it is Mac compatible.

On the PC, both Firefox and IE have popup controls in their options settings as I recall.


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What popup I don't believe we have any popups on our site. Can you post a screen shot?
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 I am on a mac and firefox does a good job of preventing them. 

Nicko I think my problem had to do with the ad itself on the page.  I had my mouse over it and I think that it must have known and opened up a window for me.  I haven't had any trouble since but if it happens again I'll send you a screen shot.
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