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    Hey ChefTalkers!

    As you have been a part of the community you have probably noticed a little “Thumbs Up” icon at the bottom right of each post. 

    This allows members to show their appreciation to other members for a post that they felt was helpful, informative, etc.While this has not been heavily used we have seen some really great use of this tool and are ready to move onto the next phase in the release of this feature set. Up until now, when you "thumbs up" someone's post, your feedback accumulates on the user's post and also shows as "Top Rated Posts" on the homepage of the site. This is helpful, but if a member doesn't go looking they won't know that their post received some recognition.   Well, we have a new tool that will help make this information easier to discover and find!

    Announcing ChefTalk Reputations

    Reputations Overview
    • Reputations is a feature within the forum that allows members to acknowledge other members for leaving posts that are beneficial to the forum and its membership as a whole.
    • Reputations also help to “bubble up” the most helpful information on the forum and make it easier for people to discover.
    • You can leave reputations points by clicking on the “thumbs up” icon, which appears at the bottom of  each member’s post.
    • You have the option of leaving a comment along with your rating. This is highly encouraged.
    • All members start off with 10 reputation points which will be increased by 1 with every reputation you receive from other members.

    You can see your reputation level next to each post you make identified by the number of chef hat icons you see.

    You can also access your reputation level and a list of your reputation by going to your profile and clicking on the "Reputation" link:

    Once you click on your "Reputation" link you'll be taken to a page that will show all your reputations given and received:

    When should Reputation Points be given?

    Reputation points should be given to members who make posts that are beneficial to the forum and its membership. When you give points, keep in mind that members with a high reputation level will be perceived as "top members" in the forum. Give points wisely!

    When should it NOT be given?

    Reputation points SHOULD NOT be given for matters of personal gain. This includes giving points to friends just to boost their level, for non-helpful purposes, or anything else that does not benefit the membership as a whole.

    NOTE:  If we find that a member is abusing this system for their gain or to falsely boost another member’s reputation level we may remove their reputation points.

    Reputation Etiquette
    • Do not beg for points
    • Do not create multiple accounts to give points  to yourself. You will be caught and all your points removed.
    • Do not give points to a post of a member just because you like them. The POST itself should be worthy of the reputation points.
    Here is a screenshot to better illustrate how the system works.  In this example, Nicko(me) has had 36 people who have given me 46 reputation votes / thumbs up and the total of all this activity means I have accumulated 40 points.  NOTE:  Sometimes a vote may count for more than just one point, for example, if a moderator gives you an reputation it might count for more than just 1 point.

    If you have any questions or ideas with regard to this new system, please let us know.    We have GREAT FAITH in our community's ability to use this tool for the common good of our online community and look forward to all our members giving and receiving many Reputations!  /img/vbsmilies/smilies/peace.gif

    P.S. This has not be fully implemented yet and all features will go live tomorrow. 
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    thanks for explaining this Nicko - i received a message that i had received "reputation" and had no idea what it meant (in my day you tried NOT to have a reputation, if you know what i mean) . 

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    Very useful read, I recieved the same and didn't know what it was either. I do now /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif


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    I'm still a little confused but I'll try to be wise about clicking the thumbs up button.
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    very nice it also will show who knows what they are talking about =D