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I am planning the menu for the dinner for my 3rd anniversary and while focusing on the idea of three for the inspiration i wanted to create a three course meal. All i have so far is desert, im going to make a Neapolitan tart with strawberry vanilla and chocolate filling. I wanted to do something with maybe duck, chicken , and game hen or even salmon tuna whitefish cooked roll stuffed with crab filling. Any suggestions would be very helpfull. Thank you
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Happy 3rd year Wedding Anniversary ! I think it is wonderful that you are going to make something with so much thought.

I really hope you like QUAIL because as far as I am concerned, it can be a nice , fancy, tasty dish.

Thinking of 3 ? Then 3 on a plate.

How to cook it ? So many recipes out there....

Roasted quail with pork-pine nut stuffing and honey bourbon butter.

Crispy quail with spicy wild blueberry sauce.

Quail with almonds , cherries, and green onion sauce.

Grilled quail with zesty grilled peach chutney.

THEN there is quail stuffed with foie gras in Sauternes jelly (you can make it) Chateau de Malle

3-4 mini , multi color root vegetables, gently cooked in butter.....pretty popular French dish with a big name. (big discussion on CT once)

I think your dessert is a very nice idea.....

Wines Red : Chateauneuf-du-Pape, Burgundy , Pinot Noir
Wines White: Adam Cremant D'Alsace Chardonnay Extra Brut

Congratulations !
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Ive definitely decided on the starter of tuna, salmon and halibut seared and then baked in a square mold with ginger crab stuffing layered in it, (dill wine sauce maybe?) I wanted to do a thing with roasted duck chicken and quail but was wondering about a sauce that would go well with all three and maybe some advice on seasoning to go with the sauce. (some kind of orange maybe? I have little experience with duck and no experience with quail) Thank you for the input so far

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