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I went to Dennys last night for dinner, the food was average, the service was not as good as I have had there before, but the thing that really bugged me was that when I walked in to the restaurant the first thing I heard was the kitchen shift leader reaming out one of the younger cooks for taking orders from her side of the line, and she continued the whole time we (my parents and I) were there and when we left she was still yelling at the younger cooks, just because it was busy and she was crabby. Does anybody else get bugged when your out for dinner and all you can hear is yelling from the kitchen ? and as a chef, is there any justification for basically reaming out another cook with in ear shot of the public?


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Totally un-professional. Needs to be kept away from the customers.
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Is this a gag post??!!!??? Is this the same Denny's restaurant corporation that has been sued for their racist policies toward Black guests? Am I missing something here? If you're referring to THAT Denny's, I'd say that your experience falls into the what-did-you-expect department.....
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I can't stand for that to happen when I'm in any place of business. Very unprofessional to yale at employees in front of guests, it belongs in the office not in front of customers. I don't like Denny's anyway. :p
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