Anarksrum Assistent Anyone? Having Trouble doing a few things.

Discussion in 'Cooking Equipment Reviews' started by rorocigio, Mar 25, 2014.

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    Two months before Christmas, my biggest cookie baking holiday, my 17-year-old KitchenAid mixer broke down. Oh no the horrors!  My mom was coming to visit this holiday after not having been here for five years!  We made do with a handheld cake mixer and our good old four hands.  After Christmas I vowed to purchase a new mixer.

    Because I have a small kitchen, and my Cuisinart food processor was on it's last leg also, I thought I might get one appliance that would do everything to save counter space.  I was drawn to the Anarksrum assistent because of its good reputation, its versatility and its breadmaking capabilities.  I got a really good deal on it including almost all of the accessories, even the pasta rollers. The only attachments I did not get were the coffee grinder and the three extra drums for the vegetable slicer. I have the flake mill and the grinder so I think I can grind coffee in one of those.  So far I am thrilled with its performance.  It is easy to use, magnificent in function, looks beautiful on my counter, and cleans up efficiently.

    The only disappointments I have are the blender and a few things I haven't figured out how to do yet.  The blender is too small, and I am a big fan of smoothies.  So I will have to keep my old blender, although I can keep it in a cabinet in case I have to make more than two shakes, which is not that often anyway.  It also says it is not for hot liquids, so how am I to puree soups or sauces?  Also, I miss the big chopping blade in my cuisinart for pulsing things like nuts into nut butters or chick peas into hummus.  And how am I to pulse stale bread into breadcrumbs?  I tried using the meat grinder but I was using pork rinds and the disc with the small holes and nothing came out, it just all got stuck in there.  Maybe I should use the grinder for the breadcrumbs?  Or should I get the other drums for the vegetable slicer and use that?  I also wish it had more options as a food processor like a bigger slicing area for meats or made thicker slices, and would julienne or cut shoestring fries.  I saved my cuisinart, it is packed away, but I really don't want to drag it out again, it is very heavy and there is just no room for it in my kitchen.  Does anyone have any idea on other ways to get around this?
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    Checkout the Nutribullet for smoothies, spice milling and (I don't know about this) pureeing hot liquids.  Dunno' anything concerning the latter.  but the other two functions, I just love my N'bullet.