An under sink storage tip


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I saw this on Pinterest. Lots of interesting ideas. I house my stuff under the kitchen and bath sinks in clear containers. Tension rods are good for a multitude of uses, I.e. put one up between kitchen cabinets, add some "S" hooks, and hang your kitchen utensils (whisks, etc.).
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I've "Pinned" that to my account, very cool idea.

I also have these on my board:

Trash Bags stored under the kitchen counter

[Found on]

[Found on]

That liquid Dish Soap dispenser on top 

of your Kitchen counter runs out of soap

SO FAST, and refilling it is a pain..

I have incorporated this idea in our home...

a piece of tubing from the end of the pump-

dispenser into that HUGE jug of soap

from the wholesale megamart, 

aka Costco or Sam's Club

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