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Hi I just wanted to introduce myself , My name is Cindy and I live in Maple Ont Canada , I frequent several of these boards as I'm sure many of you
most of my working life has been spent in the food industry , generally supermarket produce , ie juice bar salad bar etc etc

I learned to cook the old fashioned way by watching my mother and grandmother LOL:D

I was thinking about renting a space in a flea market but im not sure what I would sell it would have to be something to do with food thats all I know! Anywho thats me if there is anything you would like to know that you think I could help with please ask , I have a couple of questions that I will post under a different thread
Ciao for now
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Welcome to the forum. There are a lot of great people here who are quite helpful to all who have posted here.


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Welcome to the boards!! I am sure that there are plenty of people here to answer your questions, so ask away!!!
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Welcome to Chef Talk, Cindy. If you learned by watching your grandmother and mother, maybe there's something in the family recipe file that everyone would love and that would lend itself to the kind of selling you mentioned. Maybe it's a fabulous banana bread, or a speciality of your ethnic heritage.

What kinds of dishes do you love to make?
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Welcome Cindy,

Grandmothers are the best & Im sure the reason that many of us cook professionaly today.

My great grandmother cooked for us on a coal fired old fashioned hearth & like most grannies would bake everyday. The stuff she used to do with the victorian equipment that she had was a miracle. I remember the smells & excitment to this day.

Its such a pity that its past.

welcome again.
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