An interview- HELP!

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I am a culinary student and have actually gotten an interview for an assistant pastry chef postion in a patisserie/bistro/cafe.  The chef wants to see me for a "1 day trial" and I have no idea what to expect. I will email and ask if I need my checks and coat but I dont want to appear too "green" and ask much more. Any advice? What do you think a "1 day trial" entails? Thanks to all who offer input. I have really enjoyed reading other posts!
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Bring everything you would need to work. Bring your baking tools, knifes, wear a full uniform, and be completely ready to jump in and work. Come chefs expect that they can give you a prep list and you knock it out, some just want you to watch their operation and maybe throw together a dish. I would say expect to work your but off, but it may be a little less. Also, bring a notepad to write down questions about the job and operations of the particular kitchen, and have a recipe you really like in your head in the event the chef wants to see something you can do. It's always better to have that recipe in your head than to wing it.
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