An interesting thought...Would it be possible?


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So if anyone has been up to date on the ChefTalk Comments forum we have been discussing the upcoming ChefTalk Virtual Christmas party coming up on the 17th of December. In thinking about this and thinking about how great it would be to have a real ChefTalk Christmas party it got me thinking. If enough ChefTalk members were to attend the annual Chicago restaurant show we could set up a real ChefTalk party.

Out of sheer curiosity how many people might attend the Restaurant show this year? And if so would you be interested in a ChefTalk party?


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Nicko, When is the show in Chicago?

I might be able to work it out to come. That would be a blast
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Darn, I would love to come, but unable. A real party would be a blast though, huh?


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We may not be able to have a real party but there is no reason why we couldn't have meetings between us. You'll have to excuse my English tonight, it's a bit foggy. I hope I can clearly explain what I mean.

We could put together a virtual "address book". Each of us would put in the city where they live and their email address. Then should someone visit a city where one of us reside, he could ask for info on hotel, shopping, sightseeing and restaurants and, should people want to, arrange for a meeting.

Voilà, just a idea…
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Hubbies business has an office in Chicago, we could make it business and pleasure type thingy.
Post dates for show!!!!!

Sounds like a hoot.
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I would love to, but that is a busy time of year. Maybe I can get away for a weekend. I've always wanted to go to Chicago.
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Farmer's Market start up is May 12th 2001...but it's only Sat. 8-noon....what days does it normally fall on?
Fancy Food show is in Chicago too....
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I've been to the NRA show a couple times some years ago. It is awesome! I seem to remember non-NRA members can attend if we pay a hefty entrance fee. Is this so? Maybe the actual rendez-vous could take place off-site in sensitivity to the cost for non-members who want to meet everyone. Hey, the snow should be cleared away by May, so I'll try to be there.
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Would love to, but with the cost of moving and school right around the corner....

Maybe next year since I'll be a little closer to Chicago.


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