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A friend of mine recently retired and gave me a couple of her cook books, most were really not my style,,but there was this booked called "Foods that harm foods that heal" by readers digest.

It is in alfabetical form, and covers all kinds of diseases and symtems and offers you foods that have been proven to help with these problems. It also covers food that are detramental to certian diseases ETC.

even body order ;)
although i'm not prepared to write about these issues, if anyone has a question I could look it up for you
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Hey CC,

You got anything in that book about Iron Deficiency Anemia? I wanna eat something other than Spinach and Kale to get more iron. :( Been suffering since birth.

Im gonna put this book on my wishlist at Amazon for my xmas book shopping for myself.

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This is a quote from my book

Eat plenty of

Organ meats, beef and other meats, poultry, fish, egg yolks for iron and vitiman b12

Dried beans and peas, tofu and other soy products, dated and rasins, dried apricots, and blackstrap molassaes-all good plant sources of iron

Iron enriched breads and cereals

Citrus fruits and other good sourses of vitiman c, which increase the bodies iron absorption

Cut down on

Bran, spinach and rhubarb, which hinder iron absorption
Zinc and calcium suppliments,antacids, coffee,and tea, which also reduce iron absorbtion


Irpn suppliments, except if prescibed by your doctor

I need to say, please by no means am I in a position to administer medical advice...please talk to your Dr for specifics
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Cut back on Spinach! Wow. Im liking that part. :D I was running out of ways to cook the stuff. Bleh!

Ive talked to my Dr. & a Nutritionist and have not one but TWO iron supplements cause my Hemoglobin count is only 7 when it should be around 10. Im a bad candidate for surgery I guess.

I guess the tofu IS good for something after all. :D Thanks again CC. Maybe I can up this book to my Birthday wishlist instead. Now I can tailor my grocery shopping.




This really helps cause if I can eat enough NATURAL stuff that already has Iron, I can get off these horrible, horrible supplements. Thats what my doc said.
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Shawty, you always give me a laugh "was running out of ways to cook the stuff ... bleah."

Cape...Could you look up any relationship between autism and certain foods?? I posted a cry for help and it sounds like your book might hold a tidbit or two. (Gluten free of course.)
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