An enthusiastic hello from a newbie in S FL!

Discussion in 'New User Introductions' started by uchikimatsu, Apr 24, 2013.

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    Hi there,
    Just tripped over this forum by accident, serendipity! Not sure if I'm a Cook at Home, Home Cook, or At Home Cook, but I do all of those :)
    I've never attended culinary school, but always wanted too. I feel for various reasons that its just not possible. I learn mostly by reading, watching and experimenting.
    We learned about 7 years ago that my partner has Celiac's, so my focus is keeping a gluten free pantry and learning to translate and perfect classic recipes to gluten-free. Looking forward to engaging all your culinary genius minds....
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    I Just Like Food
    Aloha, Welcome to Chef Talk uchikimatsu.

    LQTM, that whole, home cook/home chef/cook at home, that struck me as funny when I joined CT exactly 2 years ago today, as a Home Cook BTW!

    Chef Talk has given so much confidence in myself, not to mention a few extra pounds.

    Gluten-Free is such a HUGE thing now, isn’t it?  So many people suffer from this debilitating disease.  I’m anxious to hear what types of recipes you’ve come up.  If you could, please, post them in the Recipe forum, I would be most obliged.

    One note about CT, folks not employed in the food biz are asked to read only in the Pro forums, but it’s truly fascinating.

    I hope to see you here as often as you can, and once again, welcome to Chef Talk.