an aspiring chef needs advice on schools in europe and new york...please advice!!

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Hi all,
I'm new to this website. I 've just been reading through various threads but havent been really able to come to a conclusions. However the forum has helped me shortlist many things and given me a clearer picture.
I have just recently moved to India after living many years in England. I have planned on a change of career as I found my new found passion for cooking...though only cakes, chocolates, desserts, and sugar craft (modelling, etc.).I am still struggling with it though as I 've only just started by reading various recipes from around the world.
Also am starting a home catering business with my mom for cakes and cookies in India.
But my plan is to take a proffesional training in a culinary institute and along also get a hands on expereince in a resturant or cruise ship or a bakery in europe.
As of now I was bending towards LCB, paris. But after reading about the reviews in this forum...I feel skeptical about it. Money is not an issue...
so the ones I've short listed are:
1.France: LCB, Lenotre, ESCF-Ferrandi school or Ecole des Arts Culinaires et de l'Hotellerie
If anyone knows anyother intensive 9months-1 year pastry and chocolate making along with sugar craft courses in france or europe, I would really appreciate it.
2.NY: ice and french culinary
3.switzerland: DCT

Any advice would be appreciated and even though I'll have my own business...I still feel the need to do this course and a job in europe.
Thank you all for your time and replies in advance.
Look foward to hearing from you.
:chef: an aspiring chef
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I go to The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY right on the Hudson River.
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Thank you all for your replies. Food Pump, I can't seem to find the website for this school and the courses that they offer. Do you know of the website address?
Also, is it a well known school with good reputation?
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Hi Marypoppins

Its interesting to see that you have an interest for sugarpaste modelling too. I am in India and conduct classes on sugarcraft. You can reach me out if I can help you in anyway.
I also have had students who have passed out from LCB and you can reach out to them for a firsthand feedback.

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:lips: yeaa..!!!
How r u...I checked out ur website...n ur creations r truly amazing.
I might get in touch with u soon to discuss about ordering a few things from you. \
hope alls well...
take care
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Hi Sumedha

Thanks for visiting the website. I just came back from Delhi but could'nt meet you as was very busy with the workshop and had to leave immediately after that. I will be in Almora the whole of Oct and Nov...will be coming to Delhi now aroung the 8th of Dec.
I would be glad if I could help you in anyway...Just a call away...:roll:

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Has anyone here been to the Institute Paul Bocuse 6 weeks course? If so, please share your experiance
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i am considering joining International Culinary Centre..its less than half the price of CIA tuition and a faster 6 month course

very modern campus in SOHO and very good networking and internships and placements....david chang went there.

their 6 month culinary arts course is very good and i did lot of research and they have positive reviews in terms of teaching.

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