An Appreciative Note to the Chef Talk Community

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I recently stumbled upon a Chef/Culinary Website that had what seemed to be some lively message boards. It even included a forum for food writers and stylists-which obviously grabbed my attention.

I started to read the threads only to find the site populated by a handful of posters whose motivation seemed only to mouth-off, insult each other, and make snide comments. I felt especially bad for another stylist who brought up, what seemed to me, some very valid points about the business and its representation on the boards. The level of invective was beyond belief! The conversations were on par with a high school boys locker room or the goons that hang out at a corner gas station. This was certainly not representative of any real professionals I know.

It really made me appreciate the community that populate these boards. Here, although we sometimes have differing points of view and sensitivities, we are able to see past them to the common ground that we share--a love of fine foods and the skill and craft it takes to produce them.

Chef Talk is really the best by far and has the best people. Thanks everyone, and Thank You Nicko! for creating such a fine spot to stop into.
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Ditto to all you said, FNF!

I'm a moderator on a spinal cord injury site which is of the same quality as Chef Talk. There's another quite popular SCI site which has the same characteristics as the one you described. It amazes me (although it shouldn't) that people use the internet for all kinds of behavior they wouldn't display in public - or maybe some of 'em would!??

Chef Talk is special, and I for one, am glad! :)
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I second foodnfoto's remarks of appreciation. The helpfulness and civility of the participants here is matched only by their knowledge.
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Sites like this are very rare indeed. I can't begin to tell how much I 've learned, and how much I value the friendships gained.


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You're right this is the nicest place and so friendly. Unlike other board where people just seem to have a knack for disturb the peace, here we've been able to preserve a friendly environment. Let's hope Chef Talk will always be a heaven!

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