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    Hi all food lovers,

    I am a 37 year old Australian female living in a small island off spain. As now a former professional chef I have taken on a complete different business avenue :( ...With time on my hands and the passion for food, I decided to commence writing a cook book, which I believe will stand out from the rest, providing the reader with some fantastic new cooking ideas from an enhanced flavor of chefs worldwide.

    The book is based on a selection of chef’s around the world, in which I would like to provide the opportunity to have a 7 page publication. I would love to give more information on here, however if your a chef or passionate to be one and can cook up a storm and would love to join this cooking adventure please <Edit> PM me for more information. I would like to note, this book will have no monetary value to any applicants as hopefully having personal pages within the publication about yourself and your recipes will be satisfaction in itself if the book is published.

    Thanks and I look forward to anyone interested!
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