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Well in Southern Louisiana we had Jambayla dinners with iceberg salad dressed in Italian dressing, and a soft roll...usually $5-6 for a plate, costs were under $1.

BBQ chicken hindquarters with slaw, BBQ beans and the ubiquitous soft roll again $4-6
and usually around $1-1.25 in cost.

During Lent you could find churches serving fried catfish dinners....catfish, tartar sauce, slaw or the aforementioned salad and a roll.$5-7 pretty standard.

Served through Knights of Columbus or other charity groups they were prolific in Louisiana. These guys were pros, they had huge industrial equipment they would pull into parking lots and cook outdoors, huge amounts of beer was consumed and they considered this a great social charitable community contribution. I worked with a few on Boyscouts and Autism fundraisers.What an asset to the community!
Not as much here in St. Louis...we are fortunate to have Greek Orthodox Churches that cook up a storm 2x a year...I mean serious food here....lamb shanks, orzo, spanakopita, salads, tiropetes, shishkabobs, cookies and pastries....pretty good worth the effort to go every year (maybe not twice a year but at least once).

So The question is what does your community cook for fundraisers? Include specifcs if you know them...cost/return/amounts raised/what they prepared.
(Not the professional Beard picnics/dinners or the Chef star things...we'll get another thread on those)


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Hey, we understand you have a business, but this isn't really the place for you to advertise your business. Also, you are replying to a 16 year old post.
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