American Regional Cooking for the Professional Chef

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American Regional Cooking for the Professional Chef--- for Prentice Hall, Spring 2004 publication. Will explore the cultural origin of cuisines in 15 American Regions. Currently looking for information on"Foodays" from European Contact (both Europeans and Amerinds) to 1900's in New England, soon will be working on The Central Farm House and then the Central Ranch House.

Also would like to contact Chefs in the region who are passionate practitioners of regional cooking in their areas, for imput, fact checking and chapter introductions.

Any and all help will be appreciated and acknowledged.


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Hi teachef,

Welcome to cheftalk.

You should post this topic in the "repast from the past" forum.

Also,that would be a good forum to read as there is a great deal of imformation there.

The forum moderator is also a top notch food historian.

Some things that come to mind as far as New England is concerned (my stomping grounds) is The American cooke
By Amelia Simmons.

You should also contact the New Bedford whaling national historical park to get excellent imformation of new england fisheries.

Fannie Farmers Boston cooking school cookbook is filled with great stuff as is The Stonington cookbook from my state of CT.

I look forward to reading more about your work.
We have some members with great works that have been published.
Good luck
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Welcome, TEACHEF. You've come to the right place to make contacts. As Cape Chef noted, this would get better visibility (and hopefully, better response) in the Repast from the Past forum. I'll move it there and wish you the best of luck in your quest.

We hope you'll feel at home at Chef Talk, and tell us about yourself in the Welcome Forum.

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