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Didn't cook much during school...Now I've got the time to try a few dishes. Went to school for computers. Work as independent contractor, odd jobs and small time sales. My interest in cooking is new and extensive. I want to try so many different foods. And refine them. My family is mostly German-American and we eat a very Italian diet. Beyond that, I'm up for the super simple, and the super complex. Crock pot dishes. Even brain dead dishes like string cheese and store bread.  I guess my first inclination is toward charred, high calorie, and otherwise comfort foods. Though, I've had the chance to taste delicacies, my desire for hot food is simple.

Some recipes and practices I'll be sharing in the forum include Taco Soup, Pizza, Bachelor Tricks, Spice Preferences, and I'll share what I'm learning at the time, through book study, so I can get feedback.

Fresh ingredients are critical. I steer away from artificial ingredients and supplements. I grow (and make) my own when I can.
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Sounds like you're on your way. Good Luck and welcome to ChefTalk.

When you research Taco Soup, I would also suggest looking at Tortilla Soup. It usually has a stock base and I think, hardier.

Don't forget youtube.
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Thanks Panini,

I've posted my Taco Soup recipe

We ate it yesterday.

I like the slow cooker. I think it adds complexity as it's cooking, cooks the chicken thoroughly, and breaks down the beans just enough. It's also "Low and Slow." The flavors compliment each other, and the resulting thickness is desirable. It makes enough for leftovers, and it's only 1 pot. When I'm working on new recipes I use this 1 as a guide.

Interesting you should mention Tortilla Soup, because I had a Tortilla Bake (similar to taco soup, with tortillas layered) recipe a while back that would taste better with a hearty stock. I think I'd make it with Corn Tortillas and Chicken Stock, or Flour Tortillas and Beef Stock.
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