Am I the only one not eating Turkey tonight?

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This year my wife and I decided we would not celebrate Thanksgiving - so instead we're making tacos!! :peace: A little less preparation means we had a chance to swim in the ocean all day at Malibu, and tonight we're going to eat Fish tacos, Carne Asada tacos and Pork tacos. Made some tomatillo salsa verde, some tomato/onion salsa, guacamole, sour cream - should be fun!

Wondering if anyone else is NOT having Turkey today/tonight?

Weird thing is, with all this Thanksgiving dinner talk, I'm actually craving some roasted turkey! Good thing is: for once we'll really look forward to our Xmas chestnut-stuffed Turkey!
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Hi French Fries,

All day at the beach...what a life ! Your menu sounds very tasty.

I am sitting in front of a fire eating take-out. I am just going through some of the threads today and they are really interesting.
I have never seen it so quiet, here....scary ! :)

Turkey dinners are just starting.....I had mine a week ago. But I do look forward to new recipes.....
Cheers !
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Just me in Seattle, rest of my family is in NY so I made a nice rib eye steak for dinner. It came out really good and I enjoyed it.
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I did turkey, but with a little unconventional spin. I did a Coq Au Vin using turkey.
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The Tacos were amazing! And in the classic thanksgiving tradition - we have plenty of left over! Tonight, tacos again! :lol:
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This year we did Thanksgiving at my brothers place and he did the turkey. It was...interesting.:lol: The bird itself was fine, roasted properly and not dry. But he stuffed it with Pepperidge Farms bagged stuffing, made "potatoes" from instant powder and served gravy that came in a bag inside the turkey. All in all it was fine- the occasion is more about getting the family together than the food.

That said...instant potatoes?:rolleyes::lol:
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America is not the world, and it's only you Americans who celebrate Thanksgiving, so no, I don't think you're the only one not eating turkey. I'm guessing there are about 5.7-5.9 billion people NOT eating turkey tonight.
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Excellent point, 156Current. Since Chef Talk was founded by North Americans, we tend to have that point of view. You rightly nudged our sensibilities.
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Canadians also celebrate Thanksgiving.

With that being said I have only had turkey 3 times on Thanksgiving in just over 40 years of living in America, this last one thanksgiving was the third time, although our theme was a Thai Thanksgiving so it wasn't traditional by any means.
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no one in my family has ever truly enjoyed turkey so this year my mom made prime rib instead. we were still giving thanks on thanksgiving but having a much more satisfying meal in our opinion. i don't think turkey makes the day, it's all about the people you spend it with :)
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You got that right!

I am not the least bit spiritual or religious or whatever, but I definitely took the opportunity to reflect on all that is good in my life for a change, instead of all that is terrible in the world.

Of course, a part of that was that the goose I roasted was superb. :lol: As was the rest of the meal I made, but best, that I shared with my husband and two friends. I only wish I could have had more guests, but at least the others I would have invited had other celebrations to go to.
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