Am I qualified? It is my dream.

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Hello. I want to tell you a little about myself. I am a 44 year old southern female. I love to cook and entertain. I want to open a resturant in my home town. I currently work as a supervisor at a fiberglass boat manufacturing plant. I have been a supervisor for 6 years and a lead person for 5 years. I have also worked in our HR department. I have numerous hours of business training. I am a GreenBelt in our Lean Six Sigma program. I enjoy my job but it is not what I want to do forever. I have several friends and contacts who have worked or are currently working in the resturant business who will help and critique me in my new venture. I know how to train and retain employees. I know how to cook well. I understand taxes and insurance. I am a very friendly person and love to meet new people and welcome them into my life. Without going on entirely too long, I need to know what other knowledge I need to hopefully be a success. And do I sound like I have what it takes?

Thanks for all comments.
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Hello and welcome to Cheftalk!

I'm a keen amateur cook, from the UK - so I'm not sure that my views are of relevance to you in the USA.  BUT, I believe that if you want to do something, then DO it!

I've taken LOTS of cordon bleu type courses, around Europe, and can totally empathise with you regarding changing your direction.

Post your question on one of the relevant fora on here - where people will weigh in with their own opinons.
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I love your attitude. Let me give you a few ideas though. 2 of every 3 new restaurants crash and burn in the first year. It ainte cheep. Without restaurant experience you better be married to a multimillionaire. With experience it's better to be married to a multimillionaire. Get experience. Then think about what you want to do. Learn the game before you jump into it. Have fun and good luck doing it.

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