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I just joined this forum and posted a question about finding quality chocolate. I did get a kind response. I let that person know that after my post I had found a website selling a particular brand (I hadn't found it before). I thought someone else might find that info. helpful. Then I get a hostile response asking me if I worked for that company. Goodness -- give me a break. Does this happen regularly??
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I didn't quite understand why that reply was posted with that attitude, myself. Be assured, it is a rarity. Hope you stick around, even after a bad start!
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Occasionally there are some off the wall responses and the kid who wants us to do her homework. But this is a great source of info and it's gotten me through a few tough weeks just being able to get away from "the market".
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I just wanna chime in with Shroomgirl and ask that you hang with us. Personally, I love this site and check it everyday. (I'm supposed to be asleep right now, but can't tear myself away!) There are so many cool people here, and I've learned so much from them. Many a time, I've gotten a good laugh too. So, stick with us please!
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Welcome to the forums bakerbebe, sorry that you had to deal with a hostile post. I try to keep up on everything that is going on here, but the community of chefs here is really starting to grow, and it is often hard to police everything. Thankfully we have some very excellent moderators that make life so much easier.

I am not sure if you read my reply in your topic on chocolate, but I did address the problem. Sometimes we do get spammers or people who are just here to promote their sites/products. I have addressed the hostile post towards you privately and it was simply a mis-understanding.

Again welcome to the Cafe, we are glad to have you.


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