Alto Shaam CTX4.10VH

Joined Mar 2, 2018
Has anyone had the same experience as me with the Alto Shaam CTX4.10VH. I have issues with it for day one. They refuse to do anything about it. It is a real POS. Should have gone with the rational.
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you answered your own question, should have got a Rational, I find Alto sham very temperamental, high maintenance and fragile..... much like a few sous chefs I've worked with
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I am not sure what your issues with the combi oven are, but we have two, and we have also had consistent issues with them, primarily with the displays and sound. I have never been offered any sort of adequate solutions either. I have had them torn apart and looked at the cooling fans inside the display board, and there have not been any issues there. I have investigated every other potential issue they suggested to ensure nothing was overheating, and have never come across any issue that I could resolve.
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My experience with the Rational has been mixed. It's really finicky and prone to popping open. It's great when it works though.

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