Alternatives for Skirt Steak

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I would like to make a recipe I have for a marinated and charcoal grilled skirt steak, but my regular local butcher says he does not regularly carry skirt steak because of low demand. He suggested that I try using flank steak instead.

Is this a good substitute and if not, is there a better choice? I would be grilling the steak to medium rare and cutting it into slices on the bias for serving with a sauce.


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It's not a true substitute but it will be very good. Do not chop it up.
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If you just want that particular flavour, any steak will do; i.e. strip loin, rib eye, etc.

We used to served strip steaks prepared using the 'grilled marinated flank steak' recipe to great acclaim.
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I second the bavette recommendation. I have had luck ordering both skirt and bavette online from porter road (they ship fresh and have great marbling) if you can't get them locally.
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Thank you all.

I found a butcher in town who said she would have skirt steak for me on the day I needed it, but when I went to pick it up, I was told that they had sold all their skirt steak to a local restaurant. I was not pleased.

So I went with flank steak which worked out quite well. Of course, I don't know how much better it might have been with skirt. My usual butcher (who does not carry skirt) said that it has more marbling and would have been juicier as well as having a "beefier" flavor.
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