Alternative nougatine?

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Got a call from a friend of mine. He's got a request for some sort of cake (gateau Brazil?) that has a layer of nougatine on top, but he doesn't have a stone slab to roll it out.

I was thinking that maybe he could pour out a puddle of caramel, sprinkle it with the toasted nuts, and then cut out wedges, and then put it on top of the cake. Kinda like they do for dobos tortes.

Would that work?


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The concept would work but the you might not get the same overall taste or effect as you would with nougatine seeing carmel and Nougat have some different properties. Good Luck with what ever you end up doing.
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He wussed out and bought a slab on remainder from some floor and counter outlet. So much for le systeme D
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Whatcha do is take 21/2 parts sugar to 1 part flaked almonds.  Caramelize the sugar dry, when it gets light gold, add in the almonds, stir briefly and pour out onto a parchment paper slicone paper or sil-pats.  Sandwich inbetween another sheet of paper and roll out to your desired thickness. ( I have a dough sheeter, neeneer, neener /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smiles.gif!)  You have about a minute or two window of working time before the caramel gets hard.  If it does, shove the whole thing in the oven to warm up for a minute or two and proceed again.  Cut with oiled knives or cutters

It looks classy, but is very prone to humidty--goes limp and soggy.  If you want to keep it for any length of time, you can spray with nougat laquer or brush with melted cocoa butter.
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Hmm, good idea with the two silpats. I had pictures in my head about doing it with a spat like peanut brittle, and I didn't think that would look good.

It turned out very sexy. Dude cut out little triangles and propped them up on the slice with a little pillow of butter cream. I'll have to ask when he made them, but humidity and soggyness didn't seem to be an issue for him.

Something like this?
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( I have a dough sheeter, neeneer, neener /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smiles.gif!)

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