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I have been using pepperplate for a couple of years now, just to store recipes. I do not use it often, but I quite like it.
But now I got an email, with how much I would be willing to pay..... Meaning that it is no longer going to be free.
So, now I am looking for free alternatives.
All I want is to store some recipes and have access to them via my PC and my android phone.
I don't need nutritional information and I do not need an app to make a shopping list.

Who knows of some good alternatives?
I found some options like recipe keeper, copy me that and plenty more and I do not know which one to choose.


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I like Evernote. At the free level you only get one device with the app.The others have to be web access which is slightly less feature rich. Id put the app on the phone. desktop with the web isn't bad at all.

the share feature in android puts content right into Evernote easily. Also a good web clipper add on for the browser.
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I'll have a look at those.
I started putting some recipes in recipe keeper and it's quite simple. So, I am happy, only to find out that syncing is only possible in the pro-version :(
The search continues....
I actually don't mind doing a one-off payment, but I hate those subscription monthly charges....
Even if you dont use the app, you need to pay
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If you have Office 365, you can access your Word files on both devices. This way you can format them exactly the way you prefer.

We use Pages (apple) and can access all of our recipes on any of our devices which works great for us. In the kitchen we use ipads, phone when out shopping and want to check on an ingredient, or the desk/laptop when writing the recipe.
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Thanks :)
I'm having a look at all of them.
Currently I am checking out "copy me that"
And it seems to do what I want.
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Can't believe I didn't think of simply using Pages on — I'm already using it for other things, why not for storing recipes. Great idea, thanks!
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I'm a fan of Google Keep - it's free and works across all devices. For more elaborate notes, I'll use Google Docs.
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