Alternate sources for organics?

Discussion in 'Food & Cooking' started by stephanie brim, Dec 7, 2005.

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    I can get local organics around here (Iowa) in the summer time, but when it comes to getting things in the winter my choices are limited to either buying things at the whole foods store in Ames (where the selection of produce isn't always the best) or going completely to online shopping for my veggies and fruits. I don't necessarily do organic meats, but I do prefer using organic vegetables and fruits in my cooking due to taste. I was wondering if anyone here has used Diamond Organics or if anyone would have any other suggestions as to alternate routes for organic produce.

    One thing I'm looking into for next summer is actually buying a share in an organic farm. The going rate is about 200 dollars for the entire summer and you get a nice selection of fresh veggies and fruits every just have to drive to get them. There's a farm on the Iowa State campus that sells the produce every year and it's good stuff.
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    Hi, Stephanie:

    Diamond Organics is a wonderful company: I know several of their farmers personally. (I blog about small farms here in the San Francisco/Monterey Bay area.)

    You might also plug in your zip code at and see what's around you: you're looking for a CSA farm. CSA = Community Supported Agriculture, which allows families to buy shares in farms. Everyone benefits.

    LocalHarvest will also allow you to find farmers markets in your area. It's my #1 most-recommended link. You might also find organic (or "sustainable," as many of my farmer friends call it, since the regulations governing organic food have been recently corrupted by legislation influenced by agri-business lobbying) produce and other products in their online stores.

    Good luck with it. Farms rock.