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I have always come across great discussions here that have been very helpful. My husband and I are the owners of 'Maui Pasta Company" which is a hot and cold take out, deli, and pasta shop.  It all started when I started selling pasta from my driveway, infused with fresh locally grown herbs.  It grew to farmer's markets, small grocers, and when we got our first large local grocery chain, we were able to establish our own commercial kitchen space.

I did some culinary training in Italy years ago, nothing too formal, and have a knack and passion for Italian food, and we expanded from wholesale manufacturing of pasta to a take-out Italian Food establishment, attached to a small deli/pasta shop.  My recipes and food have been very well received. I was in charge of all food production (wholesale and retail and take out); my husband was in charge of the business side of things.

Recently and very quickly, he has been struck with metastatic melanoma to the brain and lungs, and I am left with the business to run by myself.  I am reaching out to all communities that I can in order to save our business and our dream.  I have been told by an executive chef of one of the most renowned restaurants here, who is a friend as well, that my new role is executive chef and while I've given myself that title a while ago, the full scope of the tasks is now immediately needed.  

I do have an amazing and dedicated staff, but I have arrived here, after using all sorts of the posts here as reference in building our brand and refining recipes, to join as a member and to be part of your great community.

I am looking forward to being part of this community!




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Welcome Patricia I am sorry to hear of your husbands illness I hope he is doing better. A professional chef is anyone who runs a brigade/kitchen staff and I include any size kitchen or staff in a professional nature. As for salvaging your dream have you considered hiring an experienced chef? One who understand food cost and how to run a business so that it is profitable. Being a chef is so much more than making pretty plates and tasty food. It is scheduling, hiring, firing and running the back of the house in tandem with the front so that it is profitable. 

Although you did not ask my advice would be hire a professional chef to assume this role and then have them mentor you in how to run a proper kitchen and staff so that it is profitable.

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@patriciamaui  ALOHA SISTAH!

I'm so glad to see another keiki o ka aina here at Chef Talk.

I wen spock you folks menu, ho, that looks way ono...

and great pricing too!

I'm certain that you'll be able find any type of advise, 

just ask.

The Pros are very generous with their knowledge and expertise.

I've been a member at CT for just about 5 years now and I've 

learned a ton.  My confidence was boasted so much in my own

abilities, that I opened an online bakery.

You can do this!

I hope to see you often,.

A hui hou, k~girl

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