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can you say Quincy market, on sterrioids... that looks amaising, staffing and organizing an envoronment like that must be a nightmare!!

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With high end restaurants taking a beating it will be interesting ....what a site.....who needs to leave the building , just go from one to another and bring the biggest credit card you've got.....possibly your first born. Torchon, torchon torchon
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Talk about taking a swim in Lake "Me"! It's getting out of hand to me. I realize these are great Chefs but the whole thing just smells like last weeks diapers to me. Perhaps I am getting grouchy in my old age, but honestly I would rather go to a small, comfortable restaurant and have food cooked by CC, Momoreg, shroom, Kuan, Kyle, Pete, Jim, Suzanne and everybody else on Cheftalk!:lips:
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I know what you mean Chrose, but this sounds pretty cool. It's great to see Gray Kunz back in the city,His style really influenced me whan he was at Lespinasse. Also, I think it will be kind of fun to have Trotter in New york,it will be very interesting to see how the big apple recieves him and his cuisine. Who knows, the whole thing might end up being a cluster **** or not. When Keller was chef at Rachels (sp) in new york he did really well,now some consider him the "best" in the york imho will decide more so then tiny yountville.

Anyway, it could be a good excuse for some of us to get together for cocktails and who knows what else.
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That's an idea, CC. We can reserve now for 2009!

It's a new idea, and the healthy competition can be great for all the restaurants. True, Jean Georges has enough restaurants to feed a small city, but I am looking forward to savoring Keller's and Trotter's concoctions without having to travel!! The bakery is also a draw.

This is a long time in the making, and I'm sure it'll be worth checking out!

Then the next day, we can all get together and cook a meal with chrose!;)
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I just hope that all those places will stay open for about 10 years, because that's how long it will take me to make enough money to eat at all of them! :rolleyes: Actually, I think it's great that they'll give Jean-Georges a run for his money. I loved my dinner at Jean George, but just think how they'll all keep each other on their toes. Competition is good!

And, as Shroom hints at, no one need worry if they run out of something. Just run next door and ask, "Excuse me, may I borrow a couple of lobe of grade-A foie gras and a kilo of Perigord truffles?" :lol: :lol:

Chrose, let me know the next time you're down here, and I'll feed you whatever dinner I've made that night. Then maybe you won't feel that way. But thanks for the pat on the back. :D

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