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    I have Almond Paste already prepared in a can.  I want to shape it into breasts and put food coloring in it to make Mammo-Graham cookies for Breast Cancer Month.  Does this Almond Paste need baking? or can I just shape it, add food color to it and put on graham crackers to serve?
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    You might look into buying or making marzipan if you are looking to shape it. Almond paste is too loose to least the canned ones that i have used.(solo). Keep your can for is so absolutely fantabulous in pastries, or better yet, use it to make your own's easy peasy and you're more than half way there with the can of almond paste. Tinned marzipan tends to be on the sweet side because of all the confectioner's sugar so i would suggest that whatever you form it into you make it on the smallish side.....
    thank you so very much for your wonderful contribution.....there can never be too much awareness about breast cancer... All cancers really...not to sound too oprah-y but knowledge is empowerment...
    Love, love the concept of the mammo-graham...dipping some in dark chocolate might will give your trays contrast as well as calm down the sugar in the marzipan.....if you don't already know this,marzipan and chocolate are a great pairing.
    Please come back and let us know how it went. Thanks.

    Here is a link to making marzipan using canned almond paste:
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