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    Hello everyone!!!

    I am still working on finding a decent school in Europe which offers a comprehensive course material within a limited budget.

    The International Program of Italian Cuisine at Alma scuola internazionale di cucina offers the following:

    The programs lasts 7 months and it is structured as below:
    - A 2-month in-school phase in ALMA headquarters in Colorno, Parma, Italy, with classes from 09,30 am to 6,30 pm with compulsory attendance and 1- hour
    lunch break in ALMA restaurant
    - A 5-month traineeship in a restaurant or hotel structure in Italy
    - A 2-day final exam

    I like the fact that they promise 5 months traineeship  despite the brief 2 months school session.

    I would like to know if anyone had any experience attending this institute and could vouch for this program.

    school website:

    Thank you in advance.
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