Alligator in Columbus, Ohio

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I have heard of people eating alligator before. I am up north in Columbus, Ohio and only know of 1 place that has alligator and even then I am not seeing it when I look at the online menu. That is creole kitchen.

I know that it is safe to eat alligator. But are there any other restaurants in Columbus, Ohio that have alligator?

The creole kitchen is half an hour (14 miles) away from me. I am not sure that I would want to drive that far just to try alligator. So are there any restaurants in Columbus, Ohio that are closer than 14 miles away that have alligator?

The reason I want to try alligator is that I have heard that it tastes like a cross between chicken and fish and I like both of those so I thought I might like alligator.
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If you won't drive 14 miles to eat alligator, you aren't really that interested in trying it. If the restaurant was 140 miles away you might have an argument but with a car and a highway you should be there in about twenty minutes. Even if it took a half an hour, so what?  I drove more than 14 miles today just running errands. I''d happily drive much more for a good meal. That's why you have a car. 

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