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I hope I'm posting in the right forum, not quite sure where this question should be placed. But anyway, is it possible to be allergic to cheese burgers ?, because it seems everytime I go out and have a bacon cheese, or just plain cheese burger, and even sometimes with plain hamburgers, a little while after eating I suffer a sneezing attack. any help is appreciated.


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First thing to do is ask yourself if you are allergic to any of the cheeseburger's ingredients on their own. Are you allergic to Cheddar? Milk? Hamburger?
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I always thought that sneezing was due to allergins in the air and that hives or throat and chest problems developed from consumed foods, IN GENERAL. NO?


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Could it be that you're reacting to somethign along the way or at the burger joint itself and not the food?

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...could be simply some irritant instead of allergen emitted by either the food or the establishment. Keep that idea in mind.
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I once thought that I was allergic to Spaghetti Sauce or Marinara Sauce since I kept getting hives everytime I ate it. Then as I thought about it some more I realized that I was pregnant during the times that I ate the sauce.

With some thought and a look at exactly what I was eating during that time, I finally found out recently that I am allergic to the prenatals that I was taking when I ate my pasta. :rolleyes: All I can think about is the month I just had without my pasta. I might be something else entirely other than the burger.

What did you drink with the burger? Did the burger have those seeds on the bun? Why not do a test to pin point exactly what it is? Try eating the hamburger only. Then the cheese. Then the bun. Then a combo. Sounds a little tiresome but it seems like the only way you will get to the bottom of this. This is what I did and I found out it wasn't even the tomato sauce but something else.

Think about it.

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