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Here's a good one for you all...Just got a memo on a BEO. We have a client who wants to book an event however she is allergic to Gluten, Corn, Dextrose and Chicken. She wants to do action stations. I have a preliminary menu written up but have run into stumbling block after stumbling block coming up with's like playing scrabbled and something always prevents you with running with it...without the sarcasm, because I've gotten a lot from fellow chefs on what the client can do with the party...does anyone have any Gluten Free, Corn Free, Dextrose Free,and Chicken free entree ideas that can be produced in high volume utilizing action stations?

Thanx Everyone......

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Did she provide any options at all? Any suggestions on her own about what she can eat? 

By Dextrose I assume you mean sugar or is that referring to something else?

So no chicken but what about seafood, pork or beef?  Vegetarian or Vegan? 
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In these situations, I always advise the chef to put it back on the client.
"I'm sorry you need to live your life in the plastic bubble, but perhaps you can let me know what you do eat, rather than highlighting what you don't "
(Maybe phrase it a little nicer than that!)


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I just google searched dextrose.  It's basically sugar.
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Thanx for the comebacks...I agree with the thought of actually meeting with them and have my front office people arranging for that and yes...put it on their shoulders phrased in a professional manner. The problem is definitely their definition of Dextrose and how it's applied to them and yes..i totally agree with the phrase "Living in a plastic
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