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    When I started building my new kitchen and equipment a few weeks back I had one two rules:

    - It needs to last at least 10 years no matter what it is.

    - No plastic.

    And in the same spirit I am trying to replace my plastic containing cooking tools. First thing I got rid of were my knives which I replaced with very nice ones from the now discontinued Zwilling Twin Select Range, I was lucky enough to manage to grab what I needed, that is a Chef's Knife and a smaller knife with a 10cm blade as well as a sharpener. I bought myself some nice tough German shears. I started replacing my old aluminium (oh bad bad, aluminium!) pans with ones from Sitram. I upgraded my entire kitchen equipment and finally managed to get myself an oven!

    However a lot is still missing since this is the first kitchen I have built and I'm buying tools from scratch.

    So basically my question was the following; what is the best source for all-stainless (or wood but not plastic or anything synthetic) whippers, spatulas and whatever else I might need? Thanks for your time!