All-purpose wines when the entree's a surprise

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When I'm dining at a restaurant that I don't know, or I'm going to a friend's home and I don't know what's being served, I will almost always choose a pinot noir. I find wines like Villaine Borgougne Rouge or Au Bon Climat Pinot Noir to be very versatile with food. Do any of you have favorites?
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I agree with you David, I also find the Pinot Noir a good way to go.It works with beef,game birds and some seafood and much more. I also agree with your selection. A nice Bourgogne Rouge or Au bon Climent are tasty wet are not so powerful as some single vinyard pinots are.I have also found (price in mind)Rabbit Ridge merlot and J Lohr Cabernet also a crowd pleaser for under $15.00. When unsure whats being served a lighter style varietal can do the trick
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Champagne or sparkling (apertifs or dessert)
Sorry the thread said entree.... Puchta Norton 1997 $20.

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I always enjoy bringing a chardonnay because it tends to be an all around pleaser especially if I am only dining with people who are not very serious about wine. One of my favorites is the Markham chardonnay


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