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i know that in the past i have dissed all clad pretty bad...still don't think enough of their pots and pans to ever own one. while not really cooking 'equipment', i thought i would share my new kitchen friend. for my birthday i just received an all clad s/s 18/10 dry measuring cup and measuring spoon set. the measuring cups  look like mini pots from my' bake and cook stove days', except they are stainless.they feel good in my hand, are heavy duty, real pretty shiny and if i needed to melt butter in the cup or half cup, no measuring spoons equally as nice. sometimes its nice to get off the plastic fantastic ride,and use something real again...


am looking for an ice cream maker...would like a 4 quarter, but am only finding them in the old fashioned style(ice and salt). i don't want to have to do that much work and have more mess and more inventory than necessary. anyone have something that worked for them? suggestions? ideas? any info would be greatly appreciated.....oh, not that this should make any difference, but it will be for commericial use.....right now i am looking at a cusinart 2 quart...thinking i can just get more insert bowls.....thanks all

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