Alinea Take 2 - 2010


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Heading to Alinea tonight with a fellow ChefTalker Abefroman. Last time I was there was with my wife and Mezzaluna and her husband. I think we were there 6-8 weeks after they opened (don't quote me on that). It will be interesting to see how the food, restaurant, and staff have progressed.

Full report to follow (with photos of course). 


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We went to Alinea about 5 years ago and I thought it was an interesting experience but nothing more. Last Friday we returned and had an absolutely incredible meal one of the best I have had in a very long time. Wanted to share some of the amazing dishes we had and the photos.

Course 1 - Char Roe with Traditional Garnishes
The foam was a Brioche foam. 

Course 2 - Distillation of Thai Flavors
This was a drink that cleansed the pallet.

No photo just a glass of clear liquid

Course 3 - Pork Belly curry, cucumber, lime
When we started the meal they brought out three centerpieces which were made up of chopsticks with a 

Course 4 - Lobster - parfait, salad, soup
This was a three tier dish that was really cool. At first I thought it was three separate courses but it was actually one course made of three separate parts. The bottom part of the round bowl was actually very warm and the heat melted the parfait ever so slightly.

1st tier
Lobster parfait on top with a poppy seed foam and I also think there was freeze dried lobster crumbles.

Tier 2 
The warm lobster salad served with chopsticks. When the top tier was taken off it revealed a warm salad and a light soup was poured over it and this drained out of wholes in the bottom.

Tier 3
This was the soup. The liquid poured of the salad was nice and warm and was poured into a glass and we drank it. It was a chai lobster soup which was very rich and tasty.

Course 5 - Sturgeon - potato, leek, smoke

This was one of my favorite dishes it was just beautiful and the flavors were amazing.

Course 6 - Goose - Stuffing, prune, juniper aroma
Wonderful juniper aroma very nice dish.

Course 7 - Hot Potato - Cold potato, black truffle, Butter

This was a super flavorful dish of hot and cold potato. It was small but the flavors just exploded in your mouth. Sadly we forgot to take a phot.

Course 8 - Filet De Boeuf - Godard

The garnish at 1-2 o-clock is cocks comb. At 8 o-clock is a truffle quennelle. at 10 o-clock is a fluted mushroom. The filet was wrapped in caul fat.

This was the Escoffier dish and it was wonderful. The plate it was served on the silverware, the glass ware and the complimentary wine it was how I would want to eat all the time if I could.

Course 9 - Black Truffle - explosion, romaine, Parmesan
This was one of the show stoppers of the evening. It was one bite and it was incredible. Kind of interesting the small plate it was served in had no bottom!

Course 10 - Duck with chestnut, mace, orange
This had a mace foam and it was one of the best applications of foam I have tasted. The aroma, flavor and texture of the mace foam was superb. The dish had little chestnut pillows which were soft, creamy, and flavorful. There was also a little foie gras and that is always a good thing. 

Course 11 - Bacon - butterscotch, apple, thyme
Fun course of one strip of bacon with butterscotch drizzled on it suspended form a wire.

Course 12 - Desserts

We started with dessert inspired by a cup of earl grey tea..

Early Grey - lemon, pine nut, caramelized white chocolate.
This was my favorite dessert and it was simply incredible. One of the best desserts I have had. The pine nut was pint nut brittle, the lemon curd were prefectly formed spheres and the white chocolate was perfect. I can't remember but I believe the clear jelly in front was honey rocks (what they called them).

Chocolate - coconut, menthol, hyssop
What can I say it was chocolate and it was wonderful. The technical aspects of this dish were so interesting to me. I also really liked the plate they served it on.

Finally - Bubble Gum - long pepper, hibiscus, creme fraiche
Basically a test tube that you picked up and downed in one swoop. Tasted just like bubble gum and the textures were fun. 

Here are a few shots of the restaurant.

Me and Abefroman outside of Alinea. Thank Abe for all the excellent hosting he gave ChefTalk this past year!

Me once again with that same hot lady.

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     Looks like a nice dinner.  Thanks for getting back to us with your impressions /img/vbsmilies/smilies/smile.gif   Nice pictures can smell a couple of the courses right through the computer screen.

          take care,
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