Alice Waters

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Hey guys,

Check out

Alice waters keeps her menus for the cafe and the downstairs restaurant up to date on the site.

Good way to follow whats being used in regards to organics and farms.
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Now I've forgotten but wasen't it Ms. Walters restaurant that was choosen as 'Best Restaurant In The United States' in Gourmet magazine? I was so excited to see that a female chefs' restaurant was choosen.....where's all the fireworks?
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cape chef,

Thanks for the info. Alice started the movement towards fresh ingredients used in restaurants and deserves to be honored.
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In 1999, the first year Women Chefs and Restaurateurs gave awards, Alice Waters received the Lifetime Achievement Award. She also gave the keynote address at the WCR annual conference, speaking on "The Ethics of Eating." In her talk, she spoke at length about The Edible Schoolyard, an ongoing project that could be replicated just about everywhere. Look at the info about it on the website Cape Chef cited -- and then see how you can do it in your town! She is a great inspiration and groundbreaker!
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