Albarino and simple sauteed Carolina Shrimp

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I sauteed some nice fat Carolina shrimp, heads on, peels on, with a little olive oil, a touch of water, and whole peppercorns. Opened a bottle of albarino, headed and peeled the shrimp and sipped on the wine. Man, it was delicious. Simplicity at its best!

I really love pairing Albarinos with a variety of seafoods. It just seems like the Spanish built the wine for shellfish and lighter, white fishes.

Some affordable favorites:

Do Ferreiro

Martin Codax

Bodegas Muriel


I've heard of Albarino being made in Washington State and the Central Coast of California but have yet to try one.
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I'd second that Do Ferreiro as a great Wine to drink with seafood. 

Also try (practically any) Western Australian Semillon Sauvignon Blancs, it has an earthy (in a good way) taste to it which pairs well with fresh seafood.
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