airy meringue?

Discussion in 'Pastries & Baking' started by tapslog21, Jun 13, 2011.

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    Ive prepared meringue for sans rival numerous times. As usual the meringue gets chewy as the cake ages because of the moisture. 

    Recently i made a batch of sans rival and the meringue, instead of getting chewy it turned really soft. 

    I noticed that the meringue was more airy than usual though..

    what causes the meringue to get more airy?  More like soap suds than marshmallow icing in appearance and texture
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    Too bad you didn't post any pictures, because verbal descriptions are so subjective.

    If your meringue is taking in more air, I would say it's caused by:

    fresher eggs

    higher quality whites

    beating longer

    warmer eggs

    presence of acid

    lack of residual fat in bowel, beater, and egg whites

    Same factors could influence texture as well.

    Meringues are also affected by weather, so it could be a combination of humidity and residual moisture left in the meringue.

    I so want to make Sans Rival now. Used to make its french mother a long time ago. almond Marjolaine.